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Home Brew Track Contacts for connection to Massoth - LGB Feedback Module:

 Home Brew Track Contacts for connection to a  Feedback Module.

Test circuit to understand correct working of a  A1344 Hall Sensor

Home Brew version similar in operation to the Massoth 8420602 and 8420502 Digital Track Contacts. A1344 Hall Sensor and PC817 Optocoupler for connection to the Feedback Module.

KY-003  Hall Sensor Module
The KY-003 Hall Sensor module is a switch that reacts to the presence of a magnetic field, turning itself on or off. 
The module consists of a 3144EUA-S Hall-effect switch, a 680Ω resistor, an LED and 3 male header pins.
Operating Voltage 4.5V to 24V
- GND  Black
+5         Red
S           Green

Test circuit, powered debounce circuit for Reed Switches, for either to a Optocoupler for connection to a Feedback Module, and/or additional circuits requiring  a +5 TTL logic input.
Reed Switch Protection

Reed Switch for direct connection to a Feedback Module. 

Favored as the standard for applications that require a Reed Switch, proven to be reliable, fits snugly under LGB sleepers and have survived the harshest of weather extremes, been in use since around 2014 for DCC Automation and other various projects.  

Bottom Y213 Reed Switch.

Using the LM 2596 DC-DC Adjustable Voltage Module to provide a steady 5V for operation, bridge rectifier, also a 104 capacitor across the + and - inputs from the bridge rectifier, has been known for these modules to oscillate on the output side, can make it  extremely difficult to adjust the trim pot precisely if the 104 capacitor is omitted. 

5 Volt voltage regulator circuit designed for connecting micro processors and equipment with low tolerance  to noise and voltage fluctuations.

Recom 78-1.0 voltage regulator,  Bridge Rectifier B40FD, 104 capacitor across the + and - on the bridge rectifier, and a 220 uF capacitor.