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LGB 55029 Decoder Programming PIKO/Massoth:

First published 11 Jan 2022, updated and revised.

The general rule of thumb, is to operate a new Loco or the Retrofit decoder with its default Address of 3 on a DCC system  first, and prior to making any attempt to program it.

Tested LGB 55029 decoder with Firmware version number with the following equipment.

PIKO 35010 Central Station and a PIKO 35011 Navigator operating with Firmware version number 2.20p.

Note for the PIKO 35010 Central Station, placing it into pseudo programming mode was not necessary, able to program as normal. 

Massoth 1210Z Central Station operating with Firmware version number 2.65, and a Massoth 8134501 Navigator operating with Firmware version number 2.20d.

Note for the Massoth 1210Z Central Station, use programming track connection.

Massoth Service Tool version number, Massoth 8176001 Service Board, Massoth PC Module 8175101 with operating Firmware version 4.0.

Note for Massoth Service Tool, have created a number of Test decoder templates for the LGB 55029 decoder to verify correct operation when programmed.

LGB 55029 Decoder Manual

Navigator  Prog Menu Firmware version 2.20p, dated 9th June 2021.

Refer to the Massoth DiMAX Navigator manual dated  2019.05 Version 2.10, Page 24, 6. Programming for further details.

The observant may well spot that the picture above is a little different from the manual, a few minor cosmetic changes are evident to the screen layouts of Firmware versions 2.20x, they have no effect on correct operation.

From the Programming Menu as per the picture above, no issues to report.

Long Addressing works as it should, combination of CV 1, CV 17, CV 18 and CV 29, the correct values are present.

CV 17 and CV 18 automatically adjust, likewise CV 29 changes value by adding 32 to the previous value.

Values of CV 50 on the LGB 55029 decoder.

CV 50 shows a default of 31, latest documentation from Marklin for decoders show  Bit 4 will be assigned a value of 16 for mfx+.

Largely irrelevant as a DCC user, will just turn it off as per mfx, along with DC, by setting CV 50 to a value of 0.

Information is provided to prevent further head scratching in the future!

Further down this Blog posting, the picture of the CV list and values.

Using CV 7 to read the version number will only provide the first digit, to read the full four digit version number use the info above.

 Massoth equipment for programming the decoder.

Massoth PC Module 8175101  Firmware version 4, dated 31st may 2021, and Massoth 8176001 Service Board.

Massoth Service Tool Version, dated 22nd December 2021.

Massoth Service Tool Version CV List.

Using the Test  LGB 55029 Decoder Templates created from with the  Massoth Service Tool, to test, check and verify correct operation, no issues to report.

Additional testing for compliance and compatibility, Bare Bones DCC System consisting of a Arduino R3 clone and a clone 'H' Bridge controller.

No fancy GUI, entering control commands via a command line prompt with the following syntax.

To READ......<R CV Number 0 0>
To WRITE ...<W CV Number Value to Write 0 0>