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Power Storage Device:

Information and modifications based on the original documentation  and advice from Massoth.

The capacity should not be higher than 2200µF, otherwise charging takes too long.
In place of one large capacitor, could also use several smaller capacitors in parallel.
On a normal garden railway using (20..24V) the voltage of the capacitor should be at least rated for 35 V.

Charging Resistor:
150 Ohm, to limit the charging inrush current. On a PIKO or Massoth DCC System could be reduced to 47 Ohm.

If you install several of these 
 power storage device some central stations will not start because of the starting current.

Discharging Diode :
1N5407 for 3 Amp Loco's or  a 1N4007 for smaller loco's,  the diode ensures for a fast and good current supply to the decoder, for when the track input is interrupted.

To allow for correct programming, either incorporate an external switch, or accessible access to disconnect the power storage device.

power storage device should be connected only to the internal decoder voltage.

For a  self build power storage device, ensure the RED + goes to Decoder + and likewise the Black – goes to Decoder -.

Variations of the single capacitor Power Storage Device, using Supercapacitors.

The design and construction of voltage buffer with 5F Supercapacitors, more luck than an exact science.

After consulting numerous ideas, theories and suggestions.

One idea tried out, inclusion of a discharge resistor and inductor.

After extensive testing, discharge resistor not actually required, Supercapacitors will leak out their storage voltage fairly rapidly, irrespective, though obviously faster if a 'load' is attached

Discharge resistor dispensed with.

Only inductor as an inhibitor to assist with programming, this also was found to not be required, extensive testing with the Massoth DCC System without the inductor present, success on all occasions to program the attached decoder with the bank of supercapacitors attached. 

As is, works as expected, next planned change is the resistor from 150 Ohm to 47 Ohm to speed up the charging time.

Version with 10F Supercapacitors,  the Michael Caine saying " Your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off" sums this pack up, overkill is an understatement.

Thankfully the testing run was approx 80', eventually the fence stopped any further progress of the Loco!

Modified version with 6 x 5F PowerStor HV Series Supercapacitors for the LGB 55029 decoder.

Power Buffer to the LGB 55034.