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LGB 55034 Rolling Stock Decoder:

The LGB 55034 Rolling Stock Decoder has two sets of terminals  marked L1 and L2, each for a separate circuit.

For connecting electric devices to each set of terminals, for example, interior and/or marker lights.

The outputs of the decoder are factory pre-set to 5 volts. For lights with higher voltages, reprogram registers CV 49 (terminal L1) and/or CV 50 (terminal L2).

Each terminal of the 55034 can handle currents of up to 0.8 amps. Both terminals combined can handle currents of up to 1 amp.

English version of the manual.

Notes and observations.

Programming with a Massoth 1210Z and Navigator, use programming track, Register Mode, connect bulbs to both L1 and L2 to create an effective load.

Ensure when programming to observe the Navigator screen to ensure  a 'tick' is present to confirm the programming action has taken effect, if not repeat the action.

PIKO DCC system, either use Register Programming or conventional CV programming mode, connect bulbs to both L1 and L2 to create an effective load.

No tick will be present,  only an X will appear, programming will still have been successful.

Short address on CV 1 up to 127.

As with conventional  decoders, speed steps on both the decoder and Navigator configuration should be the same, if out of sync the L1 output will not operate correctly.

CV 56 and CV 57 flash rate, could be used as a F.R.E.D, flashing rear end device.

For best results use conventional LGB bulbs, LED's do not function correctly on L1, they work fine on the L2 output.

List of  decoder CV's.

Created in Massoth Service Tool a decoder template for programming the LGB 55034 Rolling Stock Decoder.

CV List produced from Massoth Service Tool for the LGB 55034 Rolling Stock Decoder.

Decoder connections.

Bottom view of the decoder with alternative solder connections.

Decoder in operation.

Home Brew Power Storage Device connections to the LGB 55034.