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LGB 55429 Power Storage Device:

Provided for information purposes, content subject to change as the subject matter is still at the educational and experimental stage.

Notes and observations, the LGB 55429 contains six of super caps 5F 2.7 V  =  16.2 volts.

With reference to the six resistors, are they there to limit the input voltage to a safe level, and with reference to the LGB 55029 documentation the voltage outputs are noted as 18 volts.

Marklin advise in the documentation that the the LGB 55429 pack will run hot, and that the power storage device does not interfere with programming on a mfx device.

The LGB 55429 pack is fitted with a SUSI connector for ease of connection.

Testing the LGB 55029 decoder with a Massoth or PIKO system, 21 - 22 volts* are present on the decoder positive and the decoder negative, irrespective to any reference or differential on the SUSI connector, voltage is at the same value.
Massoth 21.40 volts
PIKO 22.30 Volts

Taking the Retrofit decoder as an example, the PCB contains only solder pads for the SUSI_CLK and SUSI_ DAT connections, the SUSI connector from LGB 55429 would have to removed and soldered to the decoder positive +UB and the decoder negative GND.

Image above from the LGB website.

What's under the heat shrink,  not a great deal, 6 of 2.7 V 5F super caps, and six as yet unidentified resistors.

Two positive and two negative connections via the four wire SUSI cable to connect to the SUSI BUS Port connection on the LGB 55029 decoder interface PCB. 

If the E278188 Pulsed Smoke Unit for example is occupying the SUSI Port, a SUSI port  expander adapter will be required.

The LGB 55429 has no on board control electronics, all control CV's are from the LGB 55029 decoder Firmware.

To access the control CV's, the two Index CV's require changing, from their default values.
CV 31 = 18 and CV 32 = 1 

Once completed, reading or writing the following CV's, return CV 31 = 17 and CV 32 = 0 

CV values in Red are the default values from the LGB 55029 Retrofit Decoder.

Screen shots  from the mDT3 program.

The Marklin/LGB documentation references that the Marklin 60974 could be connected to the LGB 55029 decoder.

Image above from the Marklin website.
Two 1 Farad capacitors and control electronics.

Control CV's are as above  for the LGB 55029, plus the Marklin 60974 has a assigned ID 2 as a SUSI device.  
Connection  via a standard SUSI connector.