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PIKO DCC system:

 The PIKO DCC system on the Leuchtturm Garten Bahn, dates back to around the later part of 2013, and has preformed faultlessly, now in operation on it’s second Garden Railway, shares the operation with the Massoth 1210Z.

Main purpose is for testing, configuration and fault finding on a wide variety of European DCC equipment.

Setting up and testing Automatic Drive and Switch routines, setting up Turnout Routes etc.

The PIKO Central Station itself cannot be upgraded, what you see is what you get, don’t be fooled, by the lack of any hardware upgrades, add a Navigator* either from PIKO or Massoth or both, becomes an extremely versatile, solid and reliable DCC system.

*The Navigator and its functionality will be the subject of a separate Blog posting.

Recommended power supply.

PIKO 35000 Power Supply, IP67 Weather-resistant power supply.

Input: 230 V AC. Output: 22 V / 100 VA DC.

PIKO 35010, PIKO 35000 and PIKO 35011 Navigator.

PIKO 35010 5 Amp Central Station.

10239 loco addresses + one analogue locomotive.

14, 28 or 128 drive positions.

28 switching functions + light per locomotive*.

Binary State functions 30..99*.

2048 track switch addresses.

Total electrical charge capacity 5.0 A.

Output Voltage approximately 22 V DCC **.

* Features and Functionality as of  Navigator Firmware Version 2.20d  09.06.21.

** 22.40 V RMS :   21.40 V + 1.4 V from Bridge Rectifier  = 22.80 V DC.

An additional 5 Amp PIKO 35015 Booster and additional PIKO 35000 Power Supply  can be connected to the existing system should it be needed or required.

Up to three additional PIKO 35015 Boosters and PIKO 35000 Power Supplies  can be installed.

On powering up the PIKO Central Station takes about 20 seconds to run through the Start Up sequence.

The red LED lights up and then changes to green. The left and right LEDs on the Central Station provide information on the operating status.

Refer to the instructions for the descriptions and actions of the LEDs.

Operation of trains,
point motors and other items require either the PIKO or Massoth Navigator.

The PIKO 35010 Central Station as supplied has only one output port, this can overcome by connecting a Massoth  8138001 Bus Adapter.

Massoth  8138001 Bus Adapter and PIKO 35012 Wireless Receiver.

Mix and match interchangeable Massoth and PIKO equipment, Navigators, Wireless Receivers, and the  Massoth Feedback Module.

As to be expected the PIKO 35010 does not contain all the bells and whistles from it’s Big Brothers from Massoth, there are solutions to overcome the challenges.

Portable PIKO DCC testing setup.