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Playmobil Diesel 5258 converted to Battery DCC:

Playmobil Diesel 5258 converted to Battery DCC, with the following from Tam Valley Depot.

DRS1 Receiver, 869 MHz ("euro"), MkIII.

DRS1 Transmitter, 869 MHz ("euro"), MkIII.

Transmitter connected to the Massoth 1210Z Central Station.

First task was dismantle the Playmobil Diesel, and access the chassis, remove the existing FA 130 motors and replace with pictured as below.

FA 130 Motor
Motor Specification: 15*19.6 MM
Motor Height: 25 MM
Output axis: 2.0 MM
Output axis length: 9.5 MM
Weight: 17.5g
Model: 10300
Voltage: DC 12 V
Current: 65 MA
Speed: 13300 rpm

3S Battery pack on charge with the iMAX B6 balance battery charger.

Salvaged single 18650 Battery Cells, made into 3S Battery Packs.

Replace the existing battery system with Li-ion battery cells.

Made up of, three 18650 cells linked together with 18650 Battery Pack Cell Spacers and connected to a 3S 10A  Balance Li-ion 18650 Battery BMS Protection Board, with  3S JST-XH (3 cell, 11.1V) Balance Lead, plugs protected by 3S Balance Plug Savers, and a JST Connector Plug Cable, for connection to the DRS1 Receiver. 

3S Battery pack, DRS1 Receiver, and LGB 55021 decoder.

On test with the Massoth DCC system, magnets installed, for triggering Reed Switches for Automatic Drive and Switch Routines