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Massoth 8242030 - 8242035 Pulse Generator:


Massoth Hall Sensor, TLE4945L is a bipolar switch which connects directly via a three wire cable to the CLK 1 input on a Massoth decoder

To operate the Hall Sensor, a ring magnet is installed onto an axle inside the LGB loco’s gearbox.

Massoth 8242030 / 8242035 Pulse Generator

Hall Sensor TLE4945L for Massoth 8242030 8242035 Pulse Generator

Other options, include a 3D printed version, two part ring which clamps over an existing axle, without having to dismantle the loco gearbox, plus a printed holder for the KY-003 Hall Sensor Module to fit on the inside of the gearbox.

The A1344 Hall Sensor shown on the module has been discontinued and been replaced with a newer up dated A110x type, no differences as far as operation.

KY-003  Hall Sensor Module.
The KY-003 Hall Sensor module is a switch that reacts to the presence of a magnetic field, turning itself on or off. 
The module consists of a 3144EUA-S Hall-effect switch, a 680 Ohm resistor, a LED and 3 male header pins.
Operating Voltage 4.5V to 24V
- GND  Black
+5        Red
S          Orange

Hall Sensor A3144

Details can be found here LGB Hall Effect Sensor Mount and Sound Cam by Rob859