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Hi and welcome to my Garden Railway Blog:

I’m from the Old Skool way of doing things, very much the paper and pencil type.

The collection of notes diagrams etc., has started to get out of hand, and writing a Blog has been mentioned previously to me, as a means of collating information and passing on ideas and solutions to fellow Garden Railway enthusiasts who are using DCC.

Living in the North East the 21st century has been a little slow in reaching us, a short while ago Super Fast Fibre Broadband at an affordable price became available, now we're cooking on gas so to speak.

Hence  this Blog has become a practical solution to the ever increasing paper mountain.

The Blog is a more of ‘ how I did this or that’ based on practical hands on experience and common sense, to the challenges of  Digital Command Control.

The contents list of  musings and mutterings is a ever growing source of information, and new snippets and discoveries are being continually added.

Firmly in the DCC camp for operating the Garden Railway, for sanity have kept to European DCC equipment and manufacturers, along with adhering to the RCN DCC Standards as much as possible. 

Having decided on the theme for the Leuchtturm Garten Bahn, based on the Wangerooge Island Railway, the bulk of the rolling stock, locomotives are from the LGB range of models.

The unique and one off's as in the advertising coaches are from Train Line45.

The content of this Blog is constantly evolving, and will been continuously updated, as and when.....