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Servo Switch:

Servo Switch, for use with the Servo Tester Modified.

Another design found lurking in the depths of the paper mountain, this one is only been on the Round Tuit list since 2004!

Simple idea and design, for attaching to the Servo Tester Modified, for the ability to switch an attached circuit or module On or Off, whilst a Servo carries out its task.

Circuit designed around a CD4013BE 'D' Type Flip-Flop, operating as a Toggled On/Off switch.

Servo Switch, components on a Strip board PCB. 

Examples of combining the Servo Switch with a MOSFET Module, for switching High Loads On and Off, operated and controlled by the Servo Output on the Servo Tester Modified to provide the Input Signal on the CD4013BE.  

More examples of Modules and circuits for use with the Servo Switch.

The following examples were primarily designed for a DCC Automation and Animation project (Blog Posting as and when) whilst testing the Servo Switch, took the opportunity to test them out.

For the cost of  a handful of components, dose of common sense, imagination and ingenuity, surprising what can be achieved!

All the above were standard H Bridge Modules, the supplied L293D H Bridge IC was removed and replaced with a SN754410NE H Bridge IC.

Amplified Transistor driver circuit, from the Servo Switch Output to power a single  Led or multiples of.

Need more power to drive even more LEDs, ULN2803A Darlington Driver IC.

Transistor NOT Gate, or Inverter.

Hex Inverters SN74HC04N, and Hex Inverters Schmitt SN74LS14N, IC equivalents of the  Transistor NOT Gate as shown above.

Servo Switch to NPN Transistor Relay Driver.