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LGB 55026 - Massoth 8312061 6-pin Interface cable:

A LGB 55026 or a Massoth 8312061, 6-pin Interface cable may be required to connect a  decoder to the locomotive's PCB board.

The cable simplifies the installation of a LGB 55020/55021 or a Massoth 8154001 L Decoder in LGB locomotives with a decoder interface.

Sticker "2" a round black sticker with six white dots on the bottom of the loco, indicates the LGB locomotive is DCC ready and equipped with a 6-pole decoder interface.

If the cable is used, it is usually not necessary to replace the voltage sensitive components, like light bulbs and smoke generators.

Locate the 6-pin interface cable connector on the main circuit board.
Insert the interface cable plug (correct orientation assisted by a key way) into the connector.

Connect the interface cable wires to the matching pins on the decoder.

The colour codes are:
bl = blue:  rt = red: gb = yellow: gr = green: or = orange: bn = brown:

Locate the miniature switches on the main circuit board. 
Set all the switches to the OFF position.

Whilst the 6-pin decoder interface is compatible with the LGB 55021 decoder, the Massoth  L decoder, Massoth  XL decoder, and the Massoth  sound decoder, it is not confined or exclusive to the above decoder manufacturers, consult the manuals from other decoder manufacturers for suitability.

Home Brew 6 pin decoder interface, for testing and checking CV's etc.

Home Brew 6 pin decoder interface connected to a LGB 55021 decoder.

Example of a MD mXion  S Drive decoder with connections using a LGB 55026 Cable.