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LGB 55525 Point Motor Decoder:

LGB 55525 decoder is designed for use with the mfx or DCC digital systems.

Maximum load per output 1.5 Amp.

Total maximum load 3 Amps.

The decoder is connected to the track and draws its voltage from the operating digital system.

The decoder has protection against accidental programming.

In order to be able to program the decoder, connect a LGB 12010 point motor to Output A, and make an electrical link between the two connections marked ‘Prog’.

The link must be maintained for the duration of the programming procedure, and then removed for the correct operation of the decoder.

1. Connect LGB 12010 and decoder.

2. Bridge the Prog connections with a link wire.

3. Program CV 1 with the desired address.

For addresses larger than 255:

4. Program CV 9 to the desired address block.

Consult the table below to determine which address(s) to assign to the decoder and change CV 1 and CV 9 accordingly.

LGB 55525 CV's

For convenience I have created my own decoder template using the Massoth Service Tool program.