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MP3 Player for Sounds:


Details available here, DFPlayer Mini MP3,  downloadable 

This particular MP3 player was selected based on the following, minimum connections to activate the player, economical and readily available from a variety of outlets, standard Micro SD, conventional and easily sourced MP3 sound files, 8 ohm and up to a 3W amplifier.   

Connection diagram, 5V & GND supply, speaker connections, and three means or methods to operate.

Stripboard PCB layout, 5V power supply, power supply input either from a DC or DCC source.
Three push buttons or three connections for activation via three Reed Switches.
Alternatively a combination of push button and Reed Switches for activation.

Alternative Stripboard PCB for use for activation with the Function Outputs from a Multifunction Decoder or from a  Accessory Decoder.